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hands & feet treats

Hands & Feet Rituals

Hand and Foot Spa

An Immensely Relaxing Experience

This is an indulgent treatment that is extremely nourishing. Our spa treatments are specially designed to help you relax and leave you with glowing skin. Melt away the tiredness, aches and pains and rejuvenate yourself like never before. Get the royal treatment when you indulge in our exclusive manicure and pedicure packages. The spa therapy includes deep exfoliation, a skin softening soak, a rich massage, skin pampering milk ritual, a nourishing pack and finally a moisture application to seal the goodness well into the skin. Don't neglect your hands and feet. For all the exertion, they need all the pampering.

Therapy : Hand Spa 

Duration : 30 Mins

Therapy : Foot Spa

Duration : 60 Mins

Thai Foot Massage: Foot Reflexology

An Extremely Relaxing Foot Therapy in the Thai Tradition

The Thai Foot Massage uses a variety of techniques used by Chinese, Japanese and Korean foot masseuses. As the name suggests it involves the massage of the lower legs and feet. The feet and legs are stretched and massaged to open energy lines and revitalize the body. These, along with the use of other techniques are used to stimulate the reflex points on the feet. These points correspond to the internal organs of the body thereby promoting a sense of general health and total well-being.

You will notice its effects instantly. The Thai massage has several other benefits too. The massage reduces stiffness and increases flexibility. It also aids blood circulation and the removal of toxins.

Therapy : Foot Massage 

Duration : 60 Mins  

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