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Body Exfoliation

Exfoliate & Hydrate

Macadamia and Coconut Milk

An Intensely Hydrating Therapy for The Skin

This is a wonderful hydrating spa treatment for your hair and body. Plump macadamia nuts bursting with protein are pureed and mixed with freshly extracted coconut milk and gently compressed all over the body. This is followed by a skin enriching application of coconut moisture. Your skin will feel as soft as a baby's - plump and totally pampered.

Therapy : Scrub + Massage

Duration : 60 Mins

Almonds And Chocolate

Ideal for Dry and Mature Skin


Specially created for dry/ mature skin this treatment uses two of nature's best known sources of vitality - almond and chocolates - to nourish and add radiance to the skin. Rich chocolate with its myriad mystical properties is combined with freshly ground sweet almond to exfoliate. Finally chocolate moisture is applied to round off and seal the youth back into your skin. At the end of this this session, you're sure to smell just as divine and look tempting. 

Therapy : Massage + Scrub

Duration : 60 Mins  

Strawberry And Oatmeal Skin Smoother

A Great way to Visibly Smoother Skin​

The fruit enzymes in strawberries and the milky exfoliating powers of raw oats when combined​ improve the appearance of dimpled skin. The goodness in its ultra-fresh smooth yet rough texture is absorbed quickly into the skin leaving it supple. Dead skin is sloughed off and the skin is noticeably smooth. The exfoliation is followed by a gentle massage and strawberry cream application. This is the secret to soft and nourished skin.


Therapy : Scrub + Massage 

Duration : 60 Mins

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